About Us

White Smoke

Randy "White Smoke" Gibson is a diverse music artist in the midwest. Born in Aurora, IL on the east side and has been known to out do himself over the years. He has done many shows with various artists in the Aurora area, Chicago, Yorkville, Plano, Sandwich, Lombard, Roosevelt, Oswego, West Chicago, Elgin, Downers Grove, Rosemont, Batavia, and Schiller Park, IL. Known mostly for his hard rap/rock with live instruments and unique original sound. He also is very versitile, not scared to do clean songs and doing genres from hip hop, techno, rock, rap and a touch of Blues.  From Sam Beckley (Gremlen Studios in Aurora, IL) " Smoke is one of the most diverse and open musicians I work with. He's a hard worker that makes his music his own with creative ideas." From Michael Wallace ( BCE Studios in Montgomery, IL) " Smokes music is different, he has his own unique style, his tracks have feeling and demonstrating dedication resulting in good music that people love. "My over all goal is to make the best possible music I am able to do."- White Smoke


Absurd born Aaron Lange is a hip hop artist coming out of Aurora, Illinois. He started sporting at the age of 16 and started recording soon after. Influenced by different sub genres of hip hop, his early work was more dark and horror inspired than his most recent. Although he had decent lyrics, he lacked the knowledge of basic song writing skills. This lead to him not taking music seriously forbthe first few years. As the years went on he found himself in different groups and crews and his abilities got better. He started taking music more serious. He has performed all over from Sandwich to Chicago. He has a knack for grabbing the audiences attention and making them wonder what he will say next. He has a very lyrical style. He uses wordplay, punchlines, and multi syllables perfectly. Along with deep metaphors. He is working on his debut mixtape called "Point me to the pharmacy". He has big things ahead of him in 2012.


John Doe

My name is John Doe. I was born and raised in Aurora, IL. My music genre is GothikRap. I have been writing music since 2001. In 2003, three others and I created a record label named DeadBody Records. On that label, we introduced our group entitled Psycoside. We have released two CDs since then. Our first album was named Wikkid Mist, which was released in 2003. Our second, so far, was a double disc entitled Blood is Black in the Moonlight: Renatus & Mortem, which was released in 2011. Since then, I have broken away from my group and my label to pursue other ventures. Recently, in 2012, I have joined with an up-and-coming record label named Smokem Records and hope to continue to make music that entertains, shocks, and keeps people on the edge of their seats. "John Doe is a very talented artist and makes every track his own with his unique sounds and energy." -White Smoke from Smokem Records. "John Doe has his own unique style and lyrics and who is a well known name in the local hip hop community. His influence and leadership has inspired a lot of us to help participate in his label Deadbody Records which has released a handful of albums by various artists, me being one of them. Im glad I had the opportunity and the experience gained in recording, producing, and performing with John Doe. Smoke'm Records, Deadbody Records, and John Doe have a promising future."-Justin Berry AKA Phatman AKA Switchblade (He produced the majority of DBR and he was the third member in Psycoside).

Almighty Draysta

Andre (The Almighty Draysta) Boyd has been working in the music field for well over 10 years helping out local talent in the Aurora IL area.  Draysta started out recording at AMAREM Studios in Chicago, before moving sesssions to Gremlen Studios in Aurora IL.  Collabs include White Smoke, Yung Prophecy, Big Rick, Absurd of Illanoise Ent., Chiville, Problem Addict, Lunatik, Pair Annoyed, Lyrical Hoffa, and legendary guitarist Steve Ditzell.  Draysta now looks to expand his music horizons as a member of the Smokem Records family consisting of White Smoke, John Doe, Absurd, and Mikey G.  More than just a Hip Hop artist, Draysta also composes R&B, Blues, and Pop.

Mikey G

Michael "Mikey G" Murray is a Street Rap/Hip Hop artist from the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.  Michael Murray was born to a single mother in Cleveland, OH, and later moved to the Naperville/Woodridge area (the Southwest Suburbs).  His music is inspired by the hard times that he went through and the street life that he chose. Mikey G has worked with many local artists such as Smokem Records and White Boy Schwasted.  He has had the opportunity to perform in Joliet, Downers Grove, Aurora, Berwyn, and St. Charles and has also opened up for Lil Wyte.



One word comes to mind when trying to describe the vast musical catalog of RCX....”diverse.” Since his musical beginning in Fort Worth, Texas, RCX has dabbled in everything from Technical Death Metal to Worship Music, from Hardcore Punk to Southern Rock, to Indie Alternative and now, Hip Hop and EDM.  In 2010, after discovering artist such as Tech N9ne and Twista, and with motivation from his closest peers, RCX began to create his style of Hip Hop in Wichita, Kansas. Over time, he developed not only is MC abilities, but his passion for the entire Hip Hop culture drove him to develop his skills as a DJ, producer, and engineer. He showed a lot of promise in the local scene, even getting one of his early singles on the local radio, but in April of 2014, RCX hit hard times financially, and was forced to put off the recording of his first LP, say goodbye to his ICT crew, and move to Chicago, Il. By mid-October 2014, RCX had completed and release his debut LP "Army Brat". While playing shows locally to promote the release, RCX gained the attention of Smokem Records.  While playing along side the Smoke'm crew, RCX has opened for such acts as Kutt Calhoun, Liquid Assassin, and iMayday! He is currently working on his second LP and debut Smokem album; the much anticipated “45 pt.1.”